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Increase Safety, Reduce Liability,
In The Facility’s Most Dangerous Room.

Now with Instant MRI Room View!

The MRI Room Alert is the safest method of reducing liability and danger in one of the most hazardous rooms in the facility. This groundbreaking new product will save countless lives by continuously monitoring the MRI room for any calls for help. The MRI Room Alert will protect both the people and the room, creating peace of mind for any staff working alone.

The MRI Room Alert is a voice-activated device that constantly monitors the MRI room. The push-button does not make sense if you cannot touch the push-button because you are stuck to the magnet or trapped. Voice activation talk-back adds a critical safety layer when you can’t reach the button. Using these alerts, you can announce safety issues by phone call, text and email in the MRI room – a room that can turn deadly quickly. The voice-activated feature is unique as it not only works in the MRI room environment but this component can also request help if someone is stuck to the MRI Magnet or trapped during an MRI quench, making it impossible to push an alert button.


Sound Imaging offers a 30-day Money Back Guarantee and a 90-day warranty on our MRI Room Alert. If for any reason you are unsatisfied, return the system and we will refund your purchase price!

Why do you NEED an MRI Room Alert??

  • You work in your facility’s most dangerous room with a strong magnetic field that can quickly become deadly!
  • Often MRI service personnel work alone, sometimes after hours around the magnet.
  • In an emergency when technologists are not there First Responders could become stuck to the magnet!

MRI Room Alert Specifications

MRI room alert has been nominated for Best New Radiology Device 2022 Click here to read more..

Features of the MRI Room Alert include the ability to:

  • Notify qualified personnel when someone is stuck to the magnet.
  • Notify qualified personnel when a patient has a medical emergency (such as a fall requiring assistance).
  • Call out during a quench while in the room.
  • Can call one person and / or email and text up to six people customizable messages.
  • Call the designated support staff in an emergency.
  • Have multiple Room Alert Remote connects to a single Base Station for large MRI rooms.
  • Instant view of MRI Room on your mobile phone with an Optional remote.
  • Nights and Weekends mode with the room alert as an additional feature. (MRI Room Alert Plus)
  • Audio call and messages are initiated when motion is detected in the MRI suite. (MRI Room Alert Plus)
  • Remote video access to see what is causing the alert. (MRI Room Alert Plus)
  • And many more features.

How the MRI Room Alert helps you.

For the MRI Technologist

  • Gives you peace of mind knowing that in an emergency, on your worst day at work, qualified help is just a few words away!
  • Feel confident that service engineers, or anyone who finds themselves in an emergency, are afforded the same level of safety you are.

For the MRI Department Manager

  • Have a facility-wide voice-activated and push-button talk-back system that notifies qualified staff of an MRI emergency (ie projectile injury, fall, or lifting help)
  • It offers the same voice-activated talk features to anyone else in MRI room danger, whether they are stuck to the magnet, or become stuck in the room in the event of an unexpected quench gone awry.
  • Help protect your investment, the MRI scanner, from potential damage.
  • Reduces overall liability as the MRI Room Alert increases MRI room safety for all.

Expertly Crafted MRI Room Alert Systems

Visible when you need it, blends into the room when you don't.

Voice Enabled

Look! No hands! Easily call for help using your voice to activate the alert system.

Auto Dial, E-mail, Text

No matter which way you call for help, a phone call, text, and/or up to 5 emails will be sent out to your designated support staff.

MRI Room Alert Remote

Push Button Talk-Back Activation

Perfectly compliments the voice-activated response with the simple push of a button.

LTE Communications

Speak to support staff’s phone, hands free, from the MRI Room.


Optimized for ultra clean and clear LTE communication.

MRI Room Alert Base Station



Perfectly compliments the voice-activated talk with the simple push of a button.



By saying “call 9-1-1, call 9-1-1,” you’ll immediately activate communication with your designated support. Sit tight. Help is on the way!


Press Talk-Back button from MRI Room Alert, you’ll immediately activate live call communication with your designated support. Sit tight. Help is on the way!

*Disclaimer, Sound Imaging intends the end-user of this device to utilize it in a fashion that is in accordance with the ACR Manual on MRI Safety. It is NOT intended to replace the need for at least two MRI safety-trained individuals at all times.

Terms & Conditions

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes MRI Room Alert different?

MRI Room Alert gives peace of mind that you are not fully alone while working alone in the magnet room, scanning patient. The odds are high that eventually there will be a life-threatening event, and you will not leave the patient.

How to activate MRI Room Alert in emergency?

Get help by pushing a button or by simply saying “Call 9-1-1. Call 9-1-1.” Whatever method you choose, help is on the way.