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GE MRI Maintenance


Consult with an experienced MRI Maintenance expert from Sound Imaging today and they'll provide you a free quote on MRI Maintenance to match your budget.

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MRI Maintenance


Sound Imaging offers custom MRI maintenance contracts to each of our customers. We provide full or limited MRI maintenance, service, parts support and preventative maintenance for GE MRI systems.

Full MRI Maintenance includes:
• 24/7 remote phone support.
   - 7 days a week
• MRI service.
   - 7 days a week, 8am to 10pm
• Parts support.
   - 7 days a week, 7am to 6pm

Terms of Parts support:
• 40% off OEM list price or better.
• Cryogen at a fixed rate of $7/liter.
• On-site or remote installation & repair support.

Preventative MRI Maintenance:
• Clean/check Op. Workspace Fans, Intakes, Monitor and Mouse
• Check and Record Cryogen Levels
• Record Compressor Run Time and Pressure
• Record Shield Temp. Voltage
• Perform LV Gradient Shim
• Perform Head SNR
• Check and Adjust RF Power Output
• Check Gradient Calibration
• Check Oxygen Monitor Operation
• Check Trolly Assembly, Table Drive Clutch Set Screws
• Check PDU Indicator Lamps and Connections
• Check Blower Filter, Chiller Fluid Level and Valve
• Rotational Surface Coil Test

Limited MRI Maintenance would include any custom MRI maintenance agreement you feel best fits the price and the needs of your MRI Imaging Center. Worried about the cost of an MRI maintanance agreement? We give you flexibility in the terms and cost of MRI maintanance contract and for this reason, we provide the most cost-effective MRI maintenance solutions, so you won't have to be concerned about the price of an MRI maintenance agreement contract.

Sound Imaging is a leading MRI maintenance provider and MRI repair center. We provide MRI scanner maintenance, mobile MRI maintenance, fixed MRI maintenance, GE MRI maintenance, open MRI maintenance, and closed MRI maintenance as well as maintaining GE mobile MRI units. So we can help with any MRI scanner maintenance that you need with a professional expert MRI repair technician.

We offer many MRI services including an MRI maintenance contract for MRI mobile units. We provide third party MRI equipment maintenance. We can even send out an MRI field service engineer to provide service for a GE mobile MRI scanner. We also provide MRI maintenance on Saturday and MRI maintenance on Sunday. Contact us today to find out the price of our mobile MRI maintenance services and the maintenance cost of an MRI scanner unit.

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